mbh and mbf is a mbuf handling library.
This library provide a simple interface along the lines of filehandle.

	extract_ip_addr(struct mbuf *m, struct in_addr *src, struct in_addr *dst)
		struct mbf;
		mbf_open(&mbf, m, MBFFLAGS_RDONLY);
		mbf_seek(&mbf, offsetof(struct ip, ip_src), SEEK_SET);
		mbf_read(&mbf, src, sizeof(struct in_addr));
		mbf_read(&mbf, dst, sizeof(struct in_addr));
mbf.h3,084 bytes    2008-05-06 20:04:41 UTC
mbf_subr.c10,375 bytes    2008-05-06 20:04:41 UTC
mbh.h2,432 bytes    2008-05-06 20:04:41 UTC
mbh_subr.c14,594 bytes    2011-07-13 18:25:50 UTC